ARCs & How to Get Them.

So, while scrolling through my bookstagram, I see a lot of people asking ‘What is an ARC?” and “How do I get them?” Well, there are multiple ways you can get your hands on review books or advanced reader copies of books.

One of the ways you can get review books and probably the main way people get review books is contacting the publishers directly. I have only ever received two books this way but the best thing you can do is just keep asking, you never know if you’ll get lucky.

Another way is by signing up to NetGalley* and browsing through all the books available for request. You might not get every single book you have requested, but most of the time, you will get the majority. Please note however, NetGalley deals exclusively with eBooks. You can download the books via a PDF file or have it sent to your kindle. If you own an iPad or a similar tablet, you can easily download the free kindle app and create an account where you can have the books sent through if they have been approved.

The third  way I have found to receive review books was via Voracious Readers Only**. This is another site that deals with eBooks, and you get the synopsis, information about the author and what the cover looks like. You just click the link in the email you get if you want a copy of the book or not. I have received so many books from this site it is amazing. You can get the books via epub or .mobi files. If you are lucky you may even be able to get it via pdf.

I have posted the links to NetGalley and VRO at the bottom of this post for you all to check out. Happy reading all!



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