No YA for Jan 2019.

You guys read that right. No YA for Jan 2019. Why? I need a break from all the repetitive BS that is Young Adult. I don’t know what it is about the books that I pick up in the YA pool, but it seems to be the same thing over and over again. I haven’t read a YA book, I haven’t even touched a YA book (Unless you count taking bookstagram photos), I am binge reading erotic fiction and reading books on the history of the Romanov Family. That is how sick of YA I have become. It is almost as though YA has put me in the biggest reading slump I have experienced that wasn’t brought on by life drama.

Now, I know I will be picking up YA in Feb, mainly because there are books that are coming out at the end of this month that I am DYING to read, but until then, I want nothing to do with YA. I’m full on serious. NOTHING!!!! There is nothing in my current collection that is appealing to me. It’s the constant repetitive tropes of love triangles, instant love and the constant damsel in distress situations that are driving me up the wall and I feel as though authors are finding it hard to discover new topics to write about.

Now, my main genre when reading YA is of course, Fantasy. I do own a couple of Sci-Fi and even less Contemporary books, but even then, the repetitive tropes are present and it just makes me put the book back and not want to deal with it at all. And that is why, for the beginning of 2019, I have delved into the world of erotic fiction. However, I don’t often find myself reading these kind of books, but in contrast to the YA books I tend to read, it is a welcome and refreshing change. Also, as I grow older and further away from my teenage years, I feel that I need to enjoy books that were written for my age group even though I started reading Erotic Fiction at about 13.

As I sit here writing this, it makes me wonder if there are others out there that need to have a break from YA Fantasy and find solace in other genres that seem to be at the complete opposite end of the scale the tend to read on. It also makes me wonder if the reasoning behind your choice to read other books are the same as mine; the fed up feeling you get when the same trope is used again and again and it makes it seem as though you are constantly reading the same plot line.

Anyway, I believe I have rambled on long enough about why I am not going to be reading YA for the first month of 2019. I will be posting a little something later on about tropes and why I don’t like dealing with them, but that’s for another day.

This is me signing off!

Xo – Telle.

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