Keep the Feed Going.

So, as bookstagrammers, it usually takes effort and a lot of brain power to keep your feed fresh and consistent right? And I’m sure there is a struggle every so often when you run out of inspiration. You constantly try and come up with ideas to base your photos on, sometimes they work, sometimes you end up just as stuck. Well, today I will be going over the types of photos you can take to keep your bookstagram going when you run out of ideas.

Photo Credit @bluefairytales_

The TBR.

As a reader, you are bound to have a TBR, some more out of control compared to others. A TBR post is pretty easy to do and you can do them multiple times. You will constantly be finishing books and adding books to the pile so the photos you take will never be the same! Some reasons people take TBR photos is not only to show off what people are planning on reading for the month, but for others to help them pick their next read. Which is what @bluefairytales_ does when she posts a TBR picture on her feed.

Photo Credit @littleaussiebookworm

The Series.

Taking photos of book series’ is another super easy photo to do. Surely somewhere on your shelf you are bound to either have a whole or part of a series of books you can play around with and take photos of. Some people take pictures of series to show that they have recently read them, purchased them or are just simply in love with them. For @littleaussiebookworm it’s mainly for the fact she is in love with them.

Photo Credit @aussie_booklover

The Colors.

If you’re after another set of super easy photos to take, go with the color posts. Just grab a heap of books that have the same color spine or a similar shade/hue and take a photo! For some bookstagrammers, such as @aussie_booklover , it can be quite aesthetically pleasing and also a nice way to show off different kinds of books that normally wouldn’t work together in a post.

Photo Credit @thatidiotfranklin

The Rep Photos

Some lucky bookstagrammers are fortunate enough to become reps for certain bookish companies. When a bookstagrammer is chosen, they are asked to meet a mutual obligation that during their rep period, they are required to post a certain amount of photos promoting the products from that specific company each month. Even so, sometimes it is really hard to figure out what product to use. When deciding what rep photos to take, @thatidiotfranklin goes with the product that inspires them at that point in time and also what product they can use to meet the current rep requirements.

Photo Credit @tea_reads_

The New Release

One thing I cannot wait to do is take photos of new books that have just come out and landed in my hands. There is never really a shortage of new release books, nor is there a shortage of ARCS that bookstagrammers can receive. This photo however goes to show how you can show off a new release. @tea_reads_ took this photo to share the excitement of a new book and support the author. Just remember, every time you share a photo, you are not only showing your love for it, you are supporting the author and recognizing all the hard work that went into writing the book.

Photo Credit @bookstagramchallenges

The Challenges

Another way to get those posts rolling on a daily basis is participating in photo challenges. You’re given a months worth of prompts that are so easy to fill! Some test your imagination and creativity, some test your knowledge of a certain theme. @bookstagramchallenges keeps track of everything that is going on in the bookstagram challenge community.

Photo Credit @riversidelibrary

The Promotions

Some bookstagrammers are lucky enough to receive ARCs from publishers in return for reviewing and promoting certain books. Some people, like @riversidelibrary, take photos of books that she is super excited for, but in general, she wants to share it so others can find out about it in hopes that when it comes out, others will enjoy it.

Photo Credit @thegingerpageturner

The Merch

So, sometime you don’t have books to take photos of, well, you do, you just couldn’t be bothered to grab them or you can’t figure out what to use. Well, fear not, there is always the option of using merchandise! Just like @thegingerpageturner did in this photo! When taking photos like this, it shows off some of the stunning work bookish business can create and also promotes small companies such as @faerietalecandles – a small New Zealand based company that has just released their first candle box and is also looking at releasing another one soon!

Photo Credit @booksaremysalvation

The Current Read

Some times, the best photo you can take is one of the book you are currently reading. It makes for a good conversation starter and a good way to show off the kind of books you enjoy reading. @booksaremysalvation takes photos of their current read so they can discuss it with their followers and have the opportunity connect with others.

Photo Credit @gabbyreadswithtea

The Top Reads

This topic can easily be broken down into multiple photos. You can have your top reads of the month, top reads of the year, top reads in specific genre… You name it, try it! @gabbyreadswithtea takes photos like this because she feels like some books need more time in the spotlight and she likes to encourage other readers to pick up underrated reads. Another reason she likes to take photos like this is so she can look back on previous years and have a look at her favorite reads from times gone by. Along with that, it’s a good way to see what other bookstagrammers have as their favorite reads.

Photo Credit @mrsrhysand

The Book Hauls

It could be one or it could be many. Book Hauls are another great way to keep your feed active. @mrsrhysand posts her hauls because she finds it exciting and she loves showing off the new books she has gotten. Also, she finds it nice seeing who else has read the book and what they thought about it before she starts reading it.

Photo Credit @the.sloan.ranger

The Shelfies

If you’re after a quick and easy filler post, look no further! The shelfie is one of the simplest photos you can do. It’s also a good way to show off your TBR like @the.sloan.ranger, who uses shelfies to keep track of what she has on there. However, it’s not just your TBR you can show off. You can show off your entire collection, you can show off books that you have received over the month, books you have read, or the books you have neglected for so long you want to hide them in the back somewhere and continue to forget about them.

Anyway, I do hope that some of you have found this post helpful! And I want to do a massive shout out to the lovely bookstagrammers who let me feature some of their stunning photos! If you have any questions or tips, feel free to drop a comment below.

Stay safe all!

This is me, signing off!

Xo, Telle.

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